Athos Services Commémoratifs

A history of celebrating life

Athos Services Commémoratifs is a Québec-based company founded in 2010 to counter the numerous acquisitions in the industry by multinational corporations. Thanks to this joining of forces, Québec companies were able to strengthen their position, improve their services, and become more competitive—to the great benefit of clients across the province.

In December 2012, Athos Services Commémoratifs acquired Lépine Cloutier funeral homes, which were founded in 1845 in Québec City, and Urgel Bourgie, which was founded in 1902 in Montréal. Athos Services Commémoratifs was already owner of the Maison Gomin and Complexe de la Cité funeral home complexes. As a result, Athos Services Commémoratifs is now the largest network of funeral homes and complexes in the province of Québec.

Athos Services Commémoratifs and its banners offer high-quality, personalized services that respect the customs and beliefs of the deceased and their loved ones. Athos Services Commémoratifs’ challenge is to protect and maintain the standards of excellence that have been developed over the years—all while adapting to the new realities and trends in today’s market.

Only Athos Services Commémoratifs can offer you an unmatched combination of tradition and innovation, know-how and empathy, wide-scale services and proximity.