A Québec-based company

Athos Services Commémoratifs offers end-to-end services for all important milestones in your life: marriages, baptisms, funerals, and more. Whatever your unique needs, we foster relationships that are based on trust, integrity and respect. Our goal is to provide high-quality and welcoming locations for your intimate celebrations.

Athos brings together 28 multi-functional funeral homes and complexes

Some of our noteworthy sites include, the Maison Gomin / Athos, Complexe de la Cité / Athos, and the facilities of the renowned Lépine Cloutier / Athos in the Québec City region as well as the facilities of Urgel Bourgie / Athos in Montréal. Athos also has 5 cemeteries.

Throughout the province of Québec, over 400 dedicated professionals are here to help you with the utmost empathy and efficiency.

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